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White knuckling

HELLO EVERYONE! Here is my journaling entry from today! I felt like I was white knuckling last night....and white knuckling my way through a moment creates the "hard" I don't like to take myself through. Something I am working on! Enjoy and have a blessed day!

TUEDSAY 2-27-24

Well good morning Sunshine! The sun is shining this morning and the bluejays are chasing each other around in the trees and the coffee is's going to be a beautiful day! Remember your slate is blank.....what type of picture are you going to paint on this Tuesday? WEIGHT LOSS: My goal this week is to get into the 230's. Kammy how are you going to do this today? What does weight loss specifically look like for you today? For me it is pausing to be sure I am physically hungry. And then when I eat, I am eating slow and with intention. I want to chew my food just a few more times. I am seeing as I do chew my food just a bit more, my belly is liking it.....I am digesting my food better.......which is interesting to me because I thought I chewed my food already decently. The time of day that is the hardest is in the evening for me after supper when we are playing cards as a family. I love this time of day but this is also when the sweets come out and others are partaking! I am coaching this evening so game time might not happen.......but I really want to work on not white knuckling my way through those times. White knuckling is the action that comes from your thoughts....what are your thoughts Kammy that lead you to feeling like you are white knuckling. Last night's thoughts: Those look good. I wish I could have one. ( ALWAYS can have one!.....everything you do is ALWAYS a CHOICE! YOUR CHOICE!)

This sucks. I really want one. So......where in there is equal air time conversation? Where in there are you also putting your goals in the spot light too???????? Not at all last night.....and that right there is what equals the hard and the white knuckling. Kammy.......imagine this.......every time an old Kammy thought pops in to your comes running and equal air time thought. A thought that gets your goals in front of you. A thought that is equally as true! Let's face it the mints they were eating last night ARE good! And you WILL have them at some point again! This is the truth!

Remember always tell the TRUTH to the story!

Remember everything is you do is ALWAYS a choice! Remember it is YOUR job to take care of you! Last night's story you were telling yourself was one sided. When you tell two sides of the gets your brain open and stepping you into forward motion instead of tornado spinning motion. Tornado motion feels heavy, never ending and stagnant......and that is what you felt last night. I am proud of you for not eating anything! And yes, as your future self, Warrior K.......I agree with you that an area you can work on is the white knuckling feeling. And just as I said, how you do to equal air time your thoughts.....tell both sides of the story......get your weight loss whys in front of you! Big, small and anywhere in between. So when one doesn't work, you insert another. The other thing is to anticipate! Anticipate when this might come up again for you........the answer to that is the next time we have family game night! Might be tonight....if not tonight, it will be tomorrow night. Close your eyes and dress rehearse how you are going to show up. When you do this, this gives your brain practice and gets in front of you how you want to show up. You can't just jump into a situation and expect your brain to show up the new you.....that never happens this way. You have to be INTENTIONAL and FOCUSED. See where you can insert your 2024 words? These words are probably the best words of the year that you have ever picked for yourself!

OK girl! Go make your food plan for the day. Taco Tuesday! Show up as WK today. Keep WK in your thoughts today. Forward motion! And 230's in the forefront of your mind. Eat slow. Chew just a few more chews. That is a micro self love moment gift just for you!


You've got today!




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