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What are you going to leave behind in 2022?

What are you going to leave behind in 2022?

This time of the year—the week between Christmas and New Year’s.......a lot of people are thinking about what they want to accomplish in the new year.


Have you ever accessed 2022 first and thought about what you are going to leave behind? When you pile new goals on top of your current self, your current self remains.

When you access and let go of things you did not like, this creates a blank slate going into the new year and you will be much more open and ready for your goals.

Take time to think back though and access this last year.

Are there different thoughts you want to let go? Are there feelings or insecurities you did not like?

Are their qualities about yourself that you do not like?

When you let go of this stuff you will feel more consciously clean and lighter. So many of us just want to squeeze our eyes shut, count to 3 and open them back up and waalaa we are our new person.

It takes conscious thinking and conscious effort to make changes in your life no matter what your goal is.

We all will have different categories of things we want to remove or let go of so we can enter the next year strong and cleaner and lighter.

Here are a few categories I have thought about to help get you started.


What is your self talk like? Remember you are with yourself every step of every day. You are with yourself 24/7. Do you talk to yourself as if you are your own best friend? Do you support yourself when you make a mistake or do you beat yourself up? Take time to access what your self-talk is like.


Self-doubt holds you back making you “play small”. Self doubt does not create a CEO mindset at all. You might not have a business….but you are the CEO of yourself.


Self-judgement usually hangs out with self-doubt and is a form of negative self-talk. Self judgement holds you back from just going for it with your dreams no matter what happens. Less judgement = happier life.


When we have self-doubt going on and self-judgement or judgement in general….sometimes our communication skills are clouded. Think about the last time you “snapped” at your husband or a co-worker. What were your thoughts just before you “snapped” at them? My hubby just asked me this morning where the brown shoe polish was at. My internal thought was “how many times do I have to tell him?” My outward conversation was “In the white cabinet where it always is at.” and I said it in a snappy crabby way. I was irritated with him as I was trying to work on this blog post and he always asks where the shoe polish is at. Communication with yourself and others is another area that you can look at and review in your life to see if there is something you would like to let go of as you head into 2023.

I like to think about this "let go of" list as the things that are not serving me well.

We as humans do not like to look at negative things. We run, we turn our backs, we avoid feeling negative or looking at areas in our life where WE create this negativity. And that is because we usually have a shame shawl on and are judging ourselves, or maybe comparing ourselves to others or just do not want to feel a negative feeling in general.

We all have negative qualities. We are not perfect. We never will be. But we can certainly look at the negative areas of our lives and make a conscious effort to change and let go of things that do not serve us.

Taking time in the next few days before 2023 rolls in and do a review of 2022 is great self-care.

Look at what held you back in 2022 from living the life of your dreams.

Maybe it was fear?

Mabye it was distraction?

Maybe it was lack of communication?

Maybe it was self-judgement?

Maybe it was negative habits?

Put the things that held you back in 2022 on your "let go of" list. This is a moment to free yourself, to let go of things that do not bring you joy or are holding you back. This is a gift you are giving yourself to improve your life! And when you improve your life, you improve the world around you.

Take time to review 2022 and let go of negativity….start with a clean slate…..and then add in your 2023 goals!

I will leave you with this quote:

Self-awareness leads to self-mastery.

Happy New Year!

To your success!


Coach Kammy

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