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Hi everyone......I weigh in on is Friday.....and I am up 2.6 pounds this week. I am going to take you with me into my brain so you see how my brain functions on a week when my weight is up. I stepped on the scale.....and I saw the number 244.8. My first thought was WTH. Old Kammy would step off the scale and stand back on it again....several times...just to see if the scale would change. Who's done that before? Be honest with yourself if you have. For me when I do that, that just adds more drama.........ladies, the scale does not define you! YOU DEFINE YOU! I am proud to say that I did not step on the scale today a million times. The next thought my brain went to is "I have to eat less food"....and I started planning in my brain my meal plan for today and that equaled salad and protein shakes. This is my go to meal planning thought every time I have a week where I gain weight. WHEN YOU WEIGH IN.....REALLY LISTEN FOR THE THOUGHTS IN YOUR BRAIN! I caught this restriction mindset and deleted it because again it is not helpful. I encourage everyone to have an accountability group for weight loss. People that love you, people that know your patterns, people that can help coach you through moments like this. Today my accountability group had a zoom meeting set up already, which was perfect for getting some support. If you need an accountability partner, you can always email me your thoughts/your situation and I will give you advice back. Remember that. I talked to one of my accountability partners before we started our official meeting and she asked me why I truly thought my weight was up this week. My responses: Chinese food last night (salt) I did not get 100 ounces in of water consistently this week (everyone is different but I will say water is key for my body to release weight) I started lifting weights more consistently this week. (again water retention) TMI: but I also have not gone #2 in two days (YES this makes a difference!) DO YOU SEE SOMETHING HERE????? Not once did I mention that I over ate this brain automatically stepped into restriction mode and eating less food. I really do believe I ate when hungry this week and stopped at my enough, not over eating food or eating when I was not hungry. SOME WEEKS YOUR WEIGHT WILL GO UP EVEN WHEN YOU FOLLOW YOUR HUNGER CUES. There are so many factors that go into your "weight". The foods you ate......Chinese food has A LOT of sodium in it. If you are moving your body in a new way and your muscles are sore. I am lifting light right now but my body does feel like it has worked out this week. If you are regular or not. Yes sometimes you are full of shit literally! LOL. And shit is heavy.

Sometimes it's hormones that causes an increase of weight.

If you are not getting enough sleep, your weight can increase. (sleep was decent for me this past week for the most part. I just had one day (Monday) that I didn't sleep the best.

Stress can cause your weight to increase. I have had a few self created stressed out days this week. This is something I actively work on.

Not drinking enough water. Your body will hang on to water if you are not drinking enough for you. Isn't that just a neat thing our bodies do????? Our bodies, IMO when I sit and think about how it all works, are amazing frameworks of life. So I have a question for you...when you step on the scale, and the weight goes up, what are your go to thoughts? This is so important to know what your go to thoughts are. Think about this outside of a scale moment. Think back to a recent time when you stepped on the scale, and the scale was up. What was that conversation with yourself? The first step to changing thought patters that do not help you is to know what that thought pattern is. The next time the scale goes up, take a moment and gift yourself looking at the whole picture of you.....not just the number the hunk of metal scale spits out. Look at the whole picture of who you are and what your week looked like. I will say after doing so today I am going to focus on getting 100 ounces of water in more consistently this next week. I was 50/50 at getting 100 ounces in daily this week. I will report back in next week to let you know how it goes! REMEMBER THE SCALE DOES NOT DEFINE WHO YOU ARE! YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!! When the # on the scale goes up, you are not a loser, a failure or a "I can't do this" type of person! YOU ARE WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE! I choose to be a person that keeps going! Have a blessed weekend y'all! Hugs,

Coach Kammy XXOO

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