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Ultimate Self-Care gift

One of the ways you can love and take care of yourself is to be able to “soothe” yourself in moments you feel off or uncomfortable or sad…..or any negative emotion.

We are not taught in school how to feel negative emotions and life is not always positive. Life is made up of both negative and positive moments. Be thankful we have the ability to feel all emotions!!! Life would be boring if we could not feel an array of motions from happy to sad and everything in between.

It's easy for us to feel positive feelings:







It’s not always the same “easy thought” when we feel negative emotions:







It’s in these negative moments of life that really show us our true unconditional love for ourselves. How do you show up in moments of feeling a negative feeling? Do you allow yourself the gift of feeling the negative emotion? Do you buffer with food or working more or something else to avoid feeling the negative feeling? It’s good to know how you work through negative emotions!

You can give yourself the gift of asking yourself how you want to show up in moments of feeling a negative feeling.

You are with yourself 24/7.

It is YOUR responsibility to love—nurture—care for yourself through thick and thin.

A good journal prompt is “I am becoming someone who soothes herself. What does this look like for me?” And then take different situations or one that you might be experiencing currently and journal about it! Journal how you want to show up for yourself.

Self-care can be massages, taking naps, relaxing, shopping, but the ultimate self-care gift you can give yourself is intentional thinking of how you really want to show up in life……..especially during the negative moments when we feel uncomfortable. These times WILL happen! It’s called life! It's your responsibility to take care of why not give yourself the ultimate self-care gift and intentionally think about how you want to show up for yourself even when life hands you lemons. Hugs,

Coach Kammy

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