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Well H-E-L-L-O everyone! I have not posted a blog post in awhile and I apologize for this. I have been working on a few of which is a new updated website!

GO CHECK IT OUT!!! I will be adding a few new pages in the near future but the bulk of it is complete. I create my own website.....and I will say I am getting better at remembering how to do things! You know how we manage our brains around food and weight loss? Well let me fill you in on a little's the same work for creating websites, spending money, drinking, or anything else we have thoughts about. Remember: Our thoughts create our feelings.

Our feelings create our actions.

Our actions create our results.

Our results create our life!!! So....when I was getting irritated that I could not figure something out with the was NOT the website's fault. The website was not creating the was MY THOUGHTS about the website that was creating the irritation I was feeling. Yes.....even myself.....The Self-Love Weight Loss Coach.......does her thought work! While you are here sign up for my freebie! It's at the top of this page to make it easy for you!!!! It's something you can use all summer long as you work on your weight loss with a little self-love sprinkled in.

50 BEST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS FOR SUMMER You will receive the weight loss tips right away in your in box when you sign up.

I am also running a "Let's Get Started!" Summer Coaching starter package special if interested. Information is included with the 50 BEST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS OF SUMMER. I promise to you......I will be posting blogs on a consistent basis moving forward.

INTENTIONAL & CONSISTENCY are my words for the summer. So this goal will fit right in with those two words! In closing I will give you this thought to ponder until next time: Where would you like to be in 3 months? 3 months from today will be September 4th. Where do you want to be September 4th???

Write your goals down somewhere. I suggest on your phone so you can look at them often. Sticky notes are my best friend! I have them all over the house...on foods I have a tendency to grab and notes to myself in the bathroom.......I even have a sticky note in my car right now.

Be intentional with your summer goals......getting them in front of you every day. A question to ask yourself daily is...

"What is one thing I can do today to move me forward towards ______________ goal." It doesn't have to be a huge leap! I worked on my website for 15-20.....Mon/Wed/Fri for just about 2 months....and here I's done!! I DID IT!!! High Five to me!!!! (YES, celebrating your WINS, small or big is important! Have you ever read the book titled

"The High Five Habit" by Mel Robbins? If not put it on your to do list for this summer. You will thank me later.) Getting back on topic of your goals for the summer........what is one thing you can do each day that moves you in a forward doesn't have to be a huge can be just a little bit of something.......just be sure the "something" you do is moving in you a forward direction. If you are working on weight loss this summer......just working on eating when you are physically hungry and stopping at your physical neutral zone......will equal weight loss for you this summer!

Something else that is fun to do is to use the website

You can type yourself a letter and the website send your letter to at the future date you pick. Write yourself a letter from your future self for 3 months from now!!! IT'S FREE!!!!! Ok beautiful ladies....

Here's your homework! 1. Go to and sign up for my freebie and check out my website while you are there. 2. Sign up for summer coaching if interested.

3. Ask yourself "Where would I like to be in 3 months?"

4. Then daily from now to then ask yourself "What is one thing I can do today to move me forward towards my _____________ goal?" (AND THEN STEP INTO ACTION!!!) *BONUS if you use sticky notes!

**DOULBE BONUS if you go to and write yourself a letter from your future self. Until next time....... Hugs,

Coach Kammy ❤️

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