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Monday motivation

Good morning to all......I listen to several different people. While Corinne Crabtree takes top ranking in my life, a close second, whom I often call my boyfriend is Brendon Burchard. Both of these people have changed my life, and both have podcasts so check them out sometime. Today I want to share what Brendon Burchard's daily motivation was about....... WHAT IF TODAY WAS THE MONDAY???? WHAT IF this was THE week??????

What if this was the week you doubled down on focusing on what really matters?

What if this was the week you chased that dream?

What if this was the week you did something that you have been waiting on? There's two things that will change your life.

Either something comes into your life that is new that changes the direction of your life.


Something new comes from deep within yourself.

You start to choose differently.

You summon the best of who you are consistently.

You ask yourself to do the hard things on Monday versus putting them off until Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, next week, next month, next year.

What if this Monday was THAT kind of Monday?

What if this Monday was the Monday where you got a hold of yourself. You emotionally regulated.

What if today you are extraordinary.

What if you unlock today, you take the action today, you don't conceptualize it. You don't think about it. You don't plan it. You don't wonder. You just for it with all of you.


You stay focused.

You live this Monday.

You push this Monday.

You try this Monday.

You don't give up on yourself this Monday.

What if this was THAT Monday?

I believe in life there's serendipity.

You are introduced to the right ideas at the right time in your life.

So if you are reading this right now......what if today, 3-25-24 was a different kind of Monday than all the other Monday's in your life.

Wha if this Monday you didn't quit. You accelerated, you strived. It's the Monday you grow from, the one that starts you off on a new and different direction. What would today look like?


Coach Kammy

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