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I have had a thought brewing in my head lately and I caught an "old shitty" as I like to call it, an old pattern pop in. I have been thinking about leveling up things as I go throughout the day, doesn't have to be food....could be other things in my life too......and my thought was "I will start that in April". today is March 20th.......there are 12 days left in March, including today.....what about these 12 days? Good catch Kammy! High Five! Stand up and dance! You caught an old shitty thought/pattern....of having to start at the beginning of the next month. Remember "tomorrow never comes" why not start today? Is there anything holding you back besides yourself? was just a thought that I had that was holding me back. So where do you want to level up at? Let's make a list of things you can look at and level up over time:

FOOD CHOICES: Where am I at with my protein because I know when I eat more protein, that holds me longer and I don't have as many ups and downs, my hunger is more stable throughout the day. Also where am I at with sugar? I seem to be having more middle of the night hot flashes the past sugar has been the driving force of these hot flashes. Also my left side sciatica has popped up a few different times in the last week. That hasn't been present in quite some time.......sugar and lack of movement created this before. My body loves and responds well to fresh fruits and veggies.......I have been eating more of these the last few days but this is something I would love to see myself being more consistent with just because of how good my body feels in general when I do eat this consistently. MOVE MY BODY MORE: The last few weeks movement for me has been very sporadic. Again, my body feels the best when I move my body. And I really really REALLY want to be more consistent with using weights. I know that this will help me to create and keep strong bones and muscles and as I age I choose to have a strong body! I am the ONLY one that can create that for me! If you really think about it, that is an amazing thing.....just how much power we really do have in our lives for ourselves. Kammy remember leveling up can happen in may different ways.......... quantity of food

quality of food

being more consistent

setting boundaries

self care

new routines or habits

Something else for you Kammy to watch for is going from 0 to 100 in one big are seeing this pattern with your working go for the gusto with lifting weights for a few days and then the thought rolls in "I don't want to" and you quit. And then you beat yourself up because you quit...and you beat yourself into doing it at 110%.........where is this getting you? It's getting you the yo yo pattern. Just like it did for weight loss. Remember....leveling up is not about perfection at's about consistency. Here's a great question to ask yourself............."what do you think you can do consistently around lifting weights?" Remember to start out small. The small things DO add up! Right now you are lifting weights around 3-4 times a month. What if you just did one exercise 3 times a week.........and you did that consistently for a month. That would be 12 times doing one exercise......that is much better than going for the gusto 3-4 times in 30 days.........I really do think you have been focusing on perfection and not consistency when it comes to this. Something to definitely think about and look at. And when you do just one exercise.......guess what thought is going to pop into your brain......"well this isn't good enough".............ummmmmmmm YES it is! It will be better than what you are doing at the moment! OK girl...........make your list of to do's today. Let's do one weight exercise 3 times a week for the next few weeks....on M-W-F.........your weights are sitting right by your desk. You are going to sit at your desk today as you work on your taxes. This would be a good break partway through........pick up those weights, and do one set of arm exercises. Watch for the shitty thought to flow into your brain of that's not good enough and you sitting in discomfort as you tell yourself yes it is enough. Close your eyes, envision this moment happening because it will. So often the feeling of discomfort holds you back from your goals too. You have worked on having a better relationship with discomfort! All discomfort is, is a feeling that is generated from a thought. The thought in this case is "that's not good enough". YOU are good enough Kammy! YOU are worthy! YOU ARE WARRIOR K! Now go after today! LIVE in ALIVENESS today. Live with FOCUS and INTENTION! I love you! Remember....the YOU of today creates the YOU of tomorrow!!! Who do you want to be tomorrow morning when you wake up? The answer to this question is someone that took a tiny step in a forward direction to the life I choose to live! Hugs,


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