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Lack of motivation

Good morning Sunshine! It's did not journal yesterday because you did not feel like it. Just remember you do not have to "feel like doing something" in order to do it.

Think of all the things you do do in a week's time that you don't really like to do, yet you do it....clean the litter box out, clean the toilet, do laundry to name a few. You still do these things......because you choose to have a clean house and clean's the same with weight choose to lose you do XYZ......and you don't have to be motivated to do XYZ in order to do them. Keep telling yourself the truth on these things! So why didn't you want to journal yesterday? I didn't want to journal because my weight was up and I really really REALLY want to get into the 230's and I have been yo-yoing around in the then I didn't care to do anything yesterday. #1....look at how you are putting so much emphasis on the scale......Kammy the scale does NOT define your worth! YOU DO! YOU DEFINE WHO YOU ARE! YOU DEFINE YOU! Also remember the scale WILL go up and down and all around as you overall lose weight. Weight loss is not linear. You will have weeks it goes up. You will have weeks it goes down. You will have weeks that it stays the same. And see how your THOUGHTS created the feeling of heavy. And the feeling of heavy created the action of "lack of motivation" and the lack of motivation created the result of you not wanting to journal yesterday??????? Your thoughts created your feelings. Your feelings create your actions. Your actions create your results. Your results create your life. Again you do NOT need to be motivated to do something. This will happen again. There will be a time, probably this weekend that you do not feel motivated to do something whether it be weight loss oriented or something else. How does WK respond in those moments????? Let's create a list...... *Use the 5-4-3-2-1-GO method and step into action asap.

*Break what ever it is I don't want to do into smaller doable steps.

*Use the question "Can I just _________________" *Add fun into the moment.....make it be a game, add in music, or something else that makes my heart smile. Keep shining a light on being intentional......remember how our brains work...........brain science........what is it? Our brains want to put everything it does into a habit so it can run on habit mode. Our brains do this to conserve energy. So how you change this is to slow life down and be more intentional....and when you are more intentional and you don't want to do do NOT need motivation to do that said something............motivation does not need to be present.....motivation is the product of doing something......... Motivation does not just "appear" as you wish for starts AFTER you get up and get DOING what it is that you don't want to do. WEIGHT LOSS: What does this look like for you this week?????? What are you going to focus on????? 1. Eat slower 2. Chew food 2 more chews 3. Fork down between bites

4. 1/2 time pause at supper specifically to let food digest and tummy to signal to brain where it is at food wise 5. Leave 2 bites behind at each meal.

6. Take food pics and share with accountability group to help keep you accountable! You've got this! KFG! The only way you will ever NOT get to your weight loss goal is to quit....and quitting is NOT an option! I love you! Hugs,


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