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I have a secret to SHARE!

Tuesday 10-11-22

Did you miss me?

Have you wondered where I have been? Have you wondered if I would ever post another blog?

Well….I have a little secret to share with you on what I have been working on lately!!!

Today I graduated with my Weight Loss Advanced Certification through No BS and my mentor, Corinne Crabtree.

That is where I have been the last 12 weeks……working on my certification.

It was FUN!

It was EXCITING! It pushed me out of my comfort zone!

And I absolutely cannot wait to share all the new found knowledge and information with YOU!!!

So look for changes on my website in the upcoming weeks!

COACHING SPECIAL: I am looking for a few more people to join me for 1:1 coaching “THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS”. This is an 8 week program where I will show you how you can enjoy the holidays and lose weight at the same time! Click here if interested!

See you soon!! Hugs,

Coach Kammy XXOO

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