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Hello! First of all HAPPY 2023! I haven't blogged since last year! ROFL! Actually it's just been a few weeks. Let me tell you why. My dog had TPLO surgery this past week. This is TPLO surgery #2 for her. This is not really how I had anticipate 2023 would start but you never know what is around the corner. This is a 3-4 month recovery....currently for the first 2 weeks Marley Mae is kenneled with the cone of shame on and out for walks/heat/ice/physical therapy 2-3 times a day and right back to her kennel. She is doing well and the hubby has created a doggie track through the snow in the front yard. She is sassy as all get out and that makes my heart happy. I'm sure I will keep you posted on her progress over time. to today's topic!

Do you know that today is "DITCH NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION DAY?" Yes.

On January 17th each year, it is ditch your New Year's resolution day.

I don't want you to ditch your New Year's resolutions.

Let me repeat this....I do NOT want you ditching your New Year's resolutions. DITCH THIS HOLIDAY INSTEAD!!!


SAY YES to your goals!

Have YOUR own back!

After all.....taking care of you is YOUR job!

Think about this.

When you ditch your new year's resolutions......who are you REALLY saying no to?




Take time this week to ACCESS how you are doing.

Where are you at with your goals?

Are the goals you set for yourself realistic and doable?

Here's what I want you to ditch:

  1. Perfectionist tendencies

  2. Too many goals you are working on at once

  3. Starting out too big

  4. Not making time weekly to review and reflect on your goals

Let's talk about each of these for a moment:


This is the #1 goal stealer. You do not have to be perfect with the new goal you set for yourself. It is not realistic to think of a new goal you want to achieve and boom that new goal is now running for you because you thought about it. There is a difference between thinking and doing. Get your action wheels turning! What action steps can you do today that gets you one step closer to the end results you want? Slowly over time, you will see progress.


I am going to do this and this and this and this....and your list is a mile long. Stop that. How I explain this to my clients......when you have 10 goals you are working on that is you giving 10% to each goal. If you are working on 1 goal that is you giving 100% to that one goal. Which of the two is going to move you in a forward direction faster?


When you start out trying to achieve it all in one big leap, you will get frustrated and give up. You don't want to set a goal that has you saying "oh shit, I can't achieve that". You want a goal that gets you out of your comfort zone and stretches you just little. Your thought might be "That scares me a bit but I think that is doable". Remember growth happens JUST outside your comfort zone. Key word here is "just".


Have you taken time to look at your goals you set for yourself? Have you reviewed how you are doing without judgement? This is your responsibility. You are the CEO of your life. It is your job to steer yourself in the direct you want to go. And taking time to review and see how you are doing is your responsibility. Take time to review your goals. Take time to review the steps you have taken to achieve your goals. In the beginning when you are doing new things, the new thing will show up here and there. It won't be in lock. THIS IS NORMAL! Don't beat yourself up. As you continue to work on and focus on the new goal you are working on you will see yourself doing it more and more over time. So in the beginning you might see yourself doing ________ 20% of the time. Over time this percentage increases.

So instead of joining the me too movement and ditching your New Year's resolutions which ultimately ditches yourself........give yourself the gift of self-love and self-care today and review your goals. Tweak them where necessary and keep going in a forward direction! Hugs,

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