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Anchoring In

Good morning Sunshine! It's Tuesday and you haven't journaled since last are craving a journaling moment so here you go. What a great weekend with B. You "anchored in" to who you are today even when you saw old habits wanting to pop up. You stepped into discomfort and kept your goals in front of you. You kept reminding yourself of who you are today verses the who you were in the past and pointing out the differences. This was the difference of you in the in the past when going on a weekend trip would think "why can't I just be the person I want to be?" Well that person you wanted to be takes time and dedication and intention and focus. Remember our brains run 90% of the time in habit mode and unless you intentionally guide and focus and direct yourself in a different direction you will run on habit mode. Something that really worked for you is the 9 dollar ring you purchased at Walmart. You would wear it on your pointer finger or your thumb and because you don't usually wear a ring on either of those fingers you could feel it and it helped keep your attention and "anchored in" to the person you are today. Sitting at Chili's and wanting to eat more of your food when you were at your enough was probably the moment of being most uncomfortable. But you did it! You covered your food with a napkin, you asked for the waitress to take it away when she walked by. All WINS in that moment. It really was a weekend of you living the life you choose to live! All the little things you have worked on over the years was put all together like a puzzle this weekend. Watch today for thoughts of sadness and missing B. They will be present. Also thoughts of worry as he heads home. Worry takes away today's are a person that protects your peace. Continue to "anchor in" to the person you choose to be. Which is a person that releases and lets go of worry. Let's run some "I AM" statements: I am a person that lets go and releases the worry. I am a person that anchors in to my future self now. I am a person who creates the life I choose to live every day. I am responsible for my life. I am living my life to it's fullest. I am in control of my thoughts, feelings and actions. I am a person who finds joy throughout the day.

I am driven by my ambition and strive for excellence in whatever I do.

With that being said, let's go out into the world today and shine bright! You have a job interview today....pause and center yourself prior to. Close your eyes and envision you kicking ass at it. You've got this and you've got today! It's a blank slate....and you are the creator of your life Kammy. Paint today's picture just how you choose! Have a blessed day and ANCHOR IN! Hugs, Warrior K XXOO

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