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A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME and How Warrior K Coaching was born

Hey there....did you know that I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with Warrior K Coaching?

One year ago yesterday on 2-22-22 I launched my business.

It has been an awesome year! And as I was looking back over my past blog topics tonight, thinking about what I would love to share with you, I saw that I have never really shared much about myself so I thought that would make a great blog post. So, here I go.....

Hi!! I'm Kammy!

I am 53 years old and yes I had to get my phone out and ask it to do the math for me. LOL

I will be 54 this year! I sure as heck do not feel 53 or 54! How does that saying go????

50 is the new 40????? I am married--second marriage--to a wonderful man who supports and loves me just as I am. Just in a few short days on 3-3 we will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary!!!

I have 3 kids....boy/girl twins who are 22....both graduating from college this spring. And in true twin fashion, their graduation date is the very same day.

I had to laugh when they called to tell me this...they go to different colleges and I thought we were done with having stuff be on the same day for them but nope! Thank goodness one graduation is at 10 am and the other graduation is at 7 pm. We will be able to make it to both!!! My other son, my baby....and oh does he hate it that I call him 19 and in his first year of college. Yes I am an empty nester!!! And WOOOOOOOW is the house quiet.

When the twins left, to be honest, I was lost.

I knew then when the baby would leave it would be worse so I started preparing and working on what life as an empty nester would be like when all 3 had left the nest. That is when my wheels started turning and I started creating a to do list of things I wanted to do once the kids were off at college and one of the things was to go back to school...not sure for what...I had even looked at the fun classes the local community college offers like cooking and painting...I just knew I wanted to always continue learning new things.

I still don't like how quiet it is a lot of days. And it makes my momma heart just burst with happiness when all the kids are back home and under one roof. I am thinking there are other Moms out there that can relate. I also have a bonus daughter. She's married and gifted us our first grandchild 3 1/2 years ago on Thanksgiving. What a blessing it is and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a Grandma. We don't get to see them as much as we would like as they live 6 hours away but thank goodness for FaceTime! And texting. What did we ever do before these were a thing???

I have been a nurse case manager for work comp for 24 years! I still do this job and I do really like it. Before this I was a nurse on the ortho floor. I love helping people and I love helping people and I love to teach. It is what I was put on this earth to do.

Before I was a nurse I taught dance. One fun fact about me....I danced professionally in Vegas in the show Jubilee which is no longer running. I did that for 8 years, and then my Momma was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I moved back home to be closer to her for the rest of her life. My first college degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Dance! My second degree is my nursing degree.

So you might ask where does life coaching come in??

I gained a lot of weight with each pregnancy. Both my parents gained their angel wings. I was lost without them. Even though it was very smooth, I still went through a divorce. I worked full time. Running kids to all of their activities. Putting everything and everyone else first with no time left for me. I had a lot of anxiety running through me. Through all of these different changes and happenings in life, I turned to food for comfort......after all food is how my parents showed me love from the time I was a youngster. From afternoon snacks every day to midnight ice cream runs with Mom to little chocolate candies my Momma would give me when I was sad and having a bad day as a kid. Food was comfort for me since I was a little one. My weight just didn't start changing until after I had kids.

I wasn't happy with who I had become, especially my weight. I would get stressed out. I would try to diet. When the diet didn't work, I would beat myself up. When I would beat myself up, I ate to feel better.

I tried diet after diet to lose the weight. I joined Weight Watchers 7 different times over the years. I have done very restrictive diets. I have done HCG diets. I have did the cabbage soup diet, the apple cider diet, grapefruit diet, Adkins, Southbeach, different protein shakes, low carb, Jenny Craig, low sugar, no sugar, no flour, Metabolic Research Center diet, you name it, I tried it. About 4 years ago I had had enough of all of that and I started looking to myself for answers instead of outwardly to yet another diet. I learned over time that I had given my power away to everyone and everything else that I didn't really know who I was anymore. I kept looking for a "one size fits all" fix. What I learned is the answer lies right inside of me. I learned all of this through working with my own life coach and decided my goal was when I was an empty nester was to return back to school to get my life coach certification so I could pass on the gift that was given to me. I received an email of the next class session starting the fall of 2021....and I went for the gusto and pushed the send button and I haven't looked back since! The same day my son graduated from high school, I graduated with my life coach certification from The Life Coach School. I have since went on to get my advanced weight loss certification as well. I do a lot of journaling in future tense fashion and have actually named my future self Warrior K, and have this tattooed on my forearm with an arrow. The arrow represents two things for me: 1. Forward motion. 2. When I do have a setback, I will fly farther forward just like when you pull a bow and arrow back. The further you pull it back, the farther the arrow flies. And yes another fun fact about me is that I like to hunt! So putting all of it together, helping others, teaching others, my personal life experiences, my pain points in my life that I have grown so much from........this is all how Warrior K Coaching was born!

I have learned so much in my own personal life, about myself, about patterns learned when I was a child, weight loss, what works, what doesn't work and I know I can help others. I have helped others already and I am on a mission to help as many women as I can feel better about themselves.

My mission statement for Warrior K Coaching is:

To love--inspire--encourage and cultivate self-acceptance--self-love--self-worth--and self-care in every woman. For the longest, deepest, and most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.

So there you go....a little bit about me and how Warrior K Coaching was born.


Coach Kammy ❤️

PS Two last horoscope sign is Libra and I love to collect rocks!

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