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4-19-24 weigh in

Hi everyone! My weight is up .6 this week. I had 1 off plan/over eat this week. My goal is to get 100 ounces in daily. This past week I had 3 days where I did not get all my water in. FOCUS FOR NEXT WEEK! I am not sure why water is "hard" for me right now. Now isn't that an interesting thought. 2 reasons why it's so interesting..... 1. "I am not sure why..." I don't let myself off the hook anymore and tell myself "I am not sure why".....hmmmm, just caught this as I am typing this blog! GOOD CATCH KAMMY! So if I would take a guess it is just because my mind is preoccupied with other things and I did not make water a priority this week. My answer moving forward is this next week I will be setting timers for water breaks throughout the day. 2. "Is water HARD"? No....water is not "hard"....again it comes down to focus and intention...which by the way are my words I picked for this year. When you are working on changing stuff, your brain will go into habit mode. THIS IS NORMAL! In order to change an old habit you need to highlight it and intentionally focus on it. Until next week! DRINK YOUR WATER! ALL OF US! Hugs, Coach Kammy

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