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4-12-24 weigh in

I know I haven't did a blog post in awhile. What I am figuring out is 1 blog post a week is realistic for me at the moment. And I choose to share my weekly weigh in days with you so you can continue to see my journey and what I am working on and how I navigate through different things. When I weighed in today, my first thoughts were: "That's not enough weight" "I wish I would have ate less this past week" BOTH of these thoughts are old Kammy shitty thoughts. I lost .8 this week! One thing I started doing awhile ago was on Thursday nights to review my my week, look at where I could do better the next week and also highlight my wins. This really helps in the moment when I stand on the scale on Friday mornings. Because in that moment, it is really easy for me to go into self beat down. Which is something I have been working on for awhile now. The scale does NOT define who I am. The scale is just ONE way to measure success. And I want all of you to remember that! The scale does NOT define who you are! YOU DO! Something else I want to share is what I worked on this past week and what I choose to work on next week. This last week I worked on water, getting 100 ounces in. My body does and feels best when I get 100 ounces in most days. I track my water by using the app HabitShare. The week before I did not get my water in 4 days. This week I did not get my water in 1 day. So much better. Watch for when you are wanting to work on ALL of the things you think are holding you back from weight loss. Think of it this way.........when you are working on 10 things, for example, that means you are giving 10% of you to each of the 10 things......when you are working on one thing that means you are giving 100% of yourself to that one thing. So many times I hear the thought "but that is not good enough, just working on one thing"....both from myself and my clients.......but that is not true at all! AT ALL!!!!!! You will move the needle more efficiently, effectively and faster if you focus on one thing each week. And some times you might choose to focus on the one item for a few weeks or several weeks in a row. You do you! The main thing is to NOT QUIT ON YOURSELF! This next week I choose to focus on eating to physically enough in my body. One of the top keys to losing weight is doable hunger. Eating when you are physically hungry and stop eating when your body physically has had enough food. I sometimes will continue eating, especially supper, after my body has physically had enough. And this could be for a variety of reasons: I am enjoying myself at supper and the company around me. I am not paying attention, I am just eating the food on my plate until it is gone (clean the plate club member) I don't want to get back up and start cleaning the kitchen. REMEMBER: The first step to change is awareness. Really look at your eating patterns. Get to know your eating patterns like the back of your hand. This is a beautiful gift you can give yourself when you are working on weight loss because you can't change what you don't know. For the longest time and something I am still working on is the self beat down that pops in. That can sound like "I should have......" or "I know better....." or "I wish........". Don't let self beat down stand in your way of your dreams and goals!

Back to this week's focus........I know my patterns. I know, like tonight we plan to go out to eat with family or order in with family, so it's a time when I have a tendency to over eat. So I am going all in with intentional focus this evening at supper time. That looks like journaling and reviewing ahead of time how I chose to show up tonight as a practice/dress rehearsal for my brain earlier on. That looks like setting a reminder on my phone for late afternoon to again rehearse how I choose to show up tonight. That looks like setting another reminder on my phone just before supper time to again rehearse how I choose to show up tonight. That looks like when I am washing my hands just before supper as we sit down to eat, running yet again how I choose to show up tonight. That looks like eating slower, putting my fork down between bites, drinking water between bites, chewing my food a few chews longer. Really think about what you want to work on this week and HOW you are going to show up with intention and focus IN THE MOMENT! I also will split my food in 1/2 on my plate. That gives me another visual cue in the moment that is helpful for me. I also will leave a few bites behind. was YOUR week and what do you choose to work on next week? I will report in next week to let you know how I did this evening, and throughout the week! In the meantime if you have not signed up for my weekly Sunday emails that go out....please do! I offer many trips and tricks for REALITY weight loss! Have a blessed week! Hugs, Coach Kammy ❤️

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