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3-29-24 WEIGH IN and March weight loss results

Good morning! WK is IN the house today! I am feeling strong and centered today. It really is interesting to me how each day is different. And different factors can drive how you feel each morning. How much sleep you have gotten. What you ate the last few days prior. Hormones. How much stress you have in your life.

⬆️ These are some examples that can change how you feel day to day. ⬆️

And all of this CAN affect your weight loss as well. This week I lost 1.8 pounds. I have really been focusing on eating fresh fruits and veggies the last 4 days. Every day at least 1 serving of each. This makes a huge difference in how I physically feel.

A gift I give myself every Thursday evening is to go through the week and highlight my WINS Here they are: Planned and accessed all week

Had a great coaching session with my coach

Focused on FRESH veggies and fruits the last 4 days

Catching old habit thoughts......highlighting the fact that these thoughts WILL pop up first before the new thought I choose to think more often comes up.

I am catching the self beat down that happens in these moments and reminding myself that it is NORMAL for the old thoughts to be present.

Moving my body more. I have been doing 1 set of weights most days this week, alternating between arms and legs. Listening to and honoring my physical enough........catching the thoughts "I want more".....and reminding myself in the moment I have physically had enough and I can always have more later when I am physically hungry. _______________________________________________________ I do believe doing all of the above helped the scale to move this week. Plus I haven't felt as stressed out this week as I did last week. My weight loss for March looks like this: I stayed the same weight the first week. I gained 1.4 the second week. I lost .8 the third week. I gained 2.6 the fourth week. I lost 1.8 the fifth week. For a grand total GAIN of 1.4 for the month. LADIES....THIS IS HOW NORMAL WEIGHT LOSS LOOKS! WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT LINEAR. You will NOT have a nice straight downhill line on your weight loss journey. Do NOT beat yourselves up! And yes, even I myself needs to remember this. My first thought this morning was "WTF" when I figured out my weight loss for the month. And in that moment all the WINS I had, even the WINS for this week went right out the door. Just for a second though......I pulled myself back together, it was easy to highlight my WINS again in the moment this morning because I had gifted this to myself just last night. Remember: YOU ARE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!! YOU! Take a moment today and go look in the mirror and have a conversation with the person you see. TELL yourself YOU CAN DO THIS! TELL yourself YOU GOT TODAY! Remember YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON THAT CAN HAVE YOUR OWN BACK 24/7. YOU! YOU ARE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE!

Take time this next week to access how you have done in March. What is one thing you can focus on and do just a tiny bit better in April!???!


For me my focus is to keep reminding myself that when an old shitty habit thought comes in....THIS IS NORMAL! I am not a unicorn. My thoughts are NOT going to change over night. I will STILL have thoughts of "I want more" in the moment. I will STILL have thoughts of "But this tastes so yummy" when I am eating yummy food. It's NORMAL for these thoughts to be present. I am going to keep track of the habit thoughts I have to see if there are any patterns there....I am sure there are........we are habit creatures......there will be patterns present.

At the moment what happens is a habit thought appears...and then I self judge the old shitty thought.....and then I judge myself and self beat down comes in.

My #1 goal in April is to remind myself over and over and over again that OLD HABIT THOUGHTS ARE NORMAL! And they WILL appear.....and the habit thought is the ticket to think and do a different way. I am really tired of the self beat down over all and in that very moment in time.

My #2 goal is to get FRESH veggies and fruits in least 1 serving of each working my way up to two.

My #3 goal is to get into the 230's. As of today I am 3.2 pounds away from 239.8. 3.2 pounds is a doable weight loss for the month for me.


Your THOUGHTS create your feelings.

Your FEELINGS create your actions.

Your ACTIONS create your results.


Take time this week to think about where you want to be May 1st! Weight loss wise, life wise and anything else.......

Take time once you have that figured out to pause and check it realistic???????

Are your goals realistic?

If you are wanting to lose 10 pounds in a that realistic? My answer to this question is no, unless you have a lot of weight to lose. Society has set us up for time you stand in the grocery isle waiting to check out look at the magazine is CRAZY what society and the weight loss industry tells us.......and we automatically believe it.....and when XYZ doesn't happen, we beat ourselves up and we think we are failures.

LADIES WE ARE NOT FAILURES! WE ARE WORTHY WOMEN! WE ARE WORTHY OF LIVING THE LIFE WE WANT TO HAVE DEEP IN OUR SOULS. Keep fighting for that life each and every day. Do something that is just 1% better than the day before.....those 1% level ups DO add up over time!




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