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3-1-24 Weigh in and March Goals

Good morning Sunshine! It's Friday! It's March 1st and B is coming today! It's a great day and you are having other thoughts this morning. Stop the self beat down because that does nothing but take you down a rabbit hole and keep you away from stepping into gratitude and there is so much to be thankful for! #1 thing is you woke up this morning! You are alive, live in that aliveness Kammy. So what are your thoughts this morning? Let's list the main ones and look at them in more depth. I didn't lose any weight this week. I wish I didn't have to keep looking for a job.

I only lost 1 pound in February. I will never meet my weight loss goals this way.

OK....let's take these thoughts one by one. "I didn't lose any weight this week". First remember the scale does not define your worth. Yes maybe the scale spit out the same # you weighed a week ago but it does not define who you are, you do that! And remember the non scale wins you listed last night with your #1 win being you are seeing where Warrior K is more present now in your life...she is questioning more of the thoughts you have and she is equal air timing more of your thoughts. At first you were calling this "the struggle" or the "push and pull"......and waned that to just go away....but when you thought about it, it is your future self more in your life! So would WK say "I didn't lose any weight this week" in a self beat down derogatory way? No. All that does Kammy is set yourself up for more self beatdown.......and you are not that type of person anymore that beat herself down. Be your own cheerleader and let you not losing any weight from the scale's point of view motivate you! "I only lost 1 pound in February." Same goes for this thought too. You could also celebrate the 1 pound you did lose! In your monthly review last night you had a few good thoughts to point out......what were they? I lived in more personal stress this know what stress raises your cortisol...........and bodies hang on to weight when they have higher cortisol running through them.

Maybe you are eating too much food.............yes, maybe your enough needs to be adjusted? Maybe because you are more stressed lately you have taken a few more bites of food.....could that be? (Yes). You have lost 7 pounds since know that you need to adjust your enough all the way down the scale. You have great information here......what are you going to do with it? Don't just journal about this and not do anything else! Stepping into ACTION is what moves the scale. You can think all you want....but if you do not step into action and do something different your weight could very easily stay the same. Something to remember here.

"I wish I didn't have to look for a job."

Something to remember here is you ARE doing your part with looking for a job. It is just a hard time right now for healthcare workers with 2 hospitals closing. You have job applications out there......keep going. Your God has a plan for you and God's timing in perfect. You have a great plan to reach out to your contacts next week. I love that WK showed up and created boundaries so you are not just sitting at the computer all day long........but you are not honoring them. Let's be true and honest here. Self honesty is so important. Old Kammy loved to over focus and spin out on stuff.......WK does not do this. If she catches herself doing this, she stops and coaches herself. Will this feel uncomfortable? Hell yes it will! Remember you have worked hard at having a great relationship with feeling uncomfortable! Lean in girl!! If you are feeling uncomfortable, that is probably right where you want to be. See how this thought brings on the cortisol? Even when you typed the thought out here in this felt the rush of anxiety go through you. God has a plan for you. You keep plugging along......honor the boundaries you have set for yourself.......set timers on days you are looking for jobs.

"I will never meet my weight loss goals this way."

Ummmmm.....guurrlllll.......WHO ARE YOU????? I am Warrior K. This is one of those thoughts that you hit the delete button on. This is one of those old shitty babies that's born from another old shitty self beat down thought. See how you spiral down? What does spiraling up and out look like? What does that sound like? I can do this! One bite at a time. I can and WILL lose this weight. What can I do right now that can add up to equal weight loss this week? (drink some water). YES YES YES! Keep going with this! This is where you are feeling that back and forth pull and this is such a good WIN for you! Warrior K is not just someone who is in your future but is someone that is showing up in the present tense of your life more and more!!!!! HUGE WIN!!!!


With that all being said....what are your March goals?

  1. Focus on my enough. Leave 3 bites behind at each meal. Take pics and send them to your accountability group if you want...that always helps you. It's a people pleasing moment when you say "but I don't want to bother them with that". If they don't want to look at them, they can scroll right on by them. Just tell them you are going to do's very helpful for you......especially supper.....that is the meal that is the hardest for you.....just because your brain is getting more tired from the day which is normal! Keep doing 1/2 time pauses. Maybe put your utensil down between slower...use your app to help with this. There are all kinds of things you can do to focus on your enough that you are not doing. Pick one besides bites left behind for each week in March to focus up. What is one you can do this week? Put utensil down between bites. So focus on this until the 9th and then switch it out if you know your belly feels so much better when you eat slower. Another one is to chew your food a few more chews. That would be one that could go hand in hand with putting your utensils down. You could habit stack these two together too???? I like that idea.

  2. Honor my job searching boundaries. You are going to have a job by April 1st. I just have that feeling. I know we do not have a crystal ball and cannot see into the future so if this is not true, you will know to keep plugging along. Start getting creative with this. Maybe you are not suppose to be working in healthcare right now? Maybe you are to be working with Autumn at Progressive? That does sound like a fun job! Maybe you are supposed to be only working part time? When you think about those things there is a different feeling there inside of you. Maybe you are suppose to keep growing your coaching business? All I do know is WK never gives up. WK keeps going and tweaking as she goes. WK keeps fighting for what she really wants in life. I have to pause here and tell you I am so proud of you for really fighting for the life you really want. You have changed things by leaps and bounds in just a year's time.......keep fighting for the life you want. Simpler. Less stuff around you. So you have more time to live life in aliveness each and every day. Girl you are right in the middle of creating this life! Don't settle for something you do not really want to do "to just have a job"..........great things come to those who wait! And maybe God is keeping you right here right now to help you work on and grow your patience......patience is not one of your strong suits.....but it grown and matured over time...but there is room for more patience in your life. And how do you work on patience? You set in discomfort. you see how so many times discomfort is what is holding you back???? Something to note here. And working on this will create less self created stress in your life too. Which is huge in the weight loss dept. because it keeps your cortisol down.

  3. Watch for and identify increased cortisol moments in the moment. You can about feel when that cortisol strikes and increases in your body........moments when you feel this.....pause--put your hand to heart--breathe and tell yourself "I've got you boo". Best self care medicine you can give yourself during those times. You are ok Kammy! This is a good goal for you. It will pop up during job searching.....but it will also pop up at other times too. You know your patterns well and what triggers the cortisol. WK is a person who not only knows these things but leans into these moments with an "I've got this attitude" and steps into action! Right now you are sitting on the side lines like at a parade watching cortisol moment after cortisol moment pass you by. I will say this is a WIN that you are recognizing this more and more!!!!!! There was a time when you didn't pay attention to jack shit. Now you do! And now it's time to take it to the next level!

  4. Body moving! Truth is you are hit and miss with this. Lean in to your words of 2024 FOCUS--INTENTIONAL--ALIVENESS. 10 minutes of focused and intentional movement every day in March. This could be 10 minutes of lifting your weights, marching in place, dancing to music, walking the dogs. Whatever it is......get your brain present and aware and focused for that 10 minutes on your movement. The WK of April 1st would love to see this be more locked in and consistent. If you are a discovery worksheet this month to see what the thoughts are that are drive your inaction moments. I am guessing it is "I don't want too". don't have to WANT to do something to do it. There are a lot of things you do in life that you don't WANT to do.

  5. Read 10 minutes Another area you want to grow more. You have a great book you are reading....truth is you have several books you would like to read. Step into action more consistently here.......maybe reading at night time is not your thing? You are trying to self beat down yourself into reading at night......there is perfection showing up in there though too from the thought "but what if I don't remember what I read?" What is the truth here? The truth is our brains only hold 10% of what we read to begin with! That is why repetitive action is so important. This is enough. No more goals. This is doable. You are feeling uncomfortable right now. You are thinking "this is not enough".....Kammy yes it is! Remember a quote you are living your life by.......and that is LESS IS MORE! When you have less to focus on, it opens you up more to the things that are most important in your life! I love you! Now go and enjoy today! B is coming today! Enjoy your time with him! I am proud of you for not people pleasing and letting others dictate the time you have with him. You have set a time up for all to see him tomorrow....and oh get to go see your house again tomorrow. It feels so at home there. Let that anchor you in to the life you choose to live. When you go there you feel refreshed and reenergized. Keep leaning in to those feelings and the things/thoughts that create those feelings. I LOVE YOU! NOW GO KICK ASS IN MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, WK XXOO

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